20 Jan 2012

Using a custom version of Git on Mac OS X Lion

If you're using git-osx-installer to install Git on Mac OS X Lion, and 'git --version' in Terminal isn't displaying the version you've just installed, then your system is using the version of Git that's provided by Xcode Developer Tools.

To use the git-osx-installer version that you've just installed, you'll need to edit the /etc/paths file and add "/usr/local/git/bin" to the top of that file.

To open the file for editing, type sudo nano /etc/paths in Terminal.  Add the "/usr/local/git/bin" line to the top of the file.  To write the file, and exit nano after making that change, type Control-O then Control-X. To allow the change to take place, you'll need to quit Terminal, then open it back up again.

git --version should now report the newly installed git-osx-installer version of Git.


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