14 Oct 2012

Sip as a replacement for Pick as a replacement for Digital Color Meter in Mac OS X

This is getting to be a bit ridiculous, so I hope Sip is here to stay.

Since Digital Color Meter no longer provides Hex values for colors, we need a specialized app for this. We need something that will allow us to click on any color on the screen - regardless of which app it's in - in order to get its Hex color code.

Sip allows you to type ⌃⌥P to turn your cursor into a color picker. When you click on a color, a nice little plinky sound plays & the color code is copied to your clipboard.

Sip Color Picker

You have a huge selection of color formats to choose from - you aren't limited to just CSS Hex. A few of the color formats look like they would be useful for iOS developers. They keyboard shortcuts are customizable, and allow you to switch through previously sipped colors.

The code that's copied to your clipboard is customizable, as well (all caps, whether the # prefix is included, etc). This is useful, as some code editors will highlight the # when a color code is double-clicked and some only select the code itself.

You can also choose how much of a history to keep saved in the menu (this defaults to 10). This makes it very easy to spend some time collecting colors, then spend some time using those colors - rather than forcing yourself to go back & forth one at a time.

The magnifier size is customizable from a choice of small, medium, and large (more like small, large, and Woah). The amount of magnification that occurs is dependent on the size of the magnifier, so you're going to get a more detailed color picker by using the Woah sized magnifier.

So, for now at least, Sip is what I use to grab the Hex code throughout Mac OS X.


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