30 Jan 2012

Pick as a replacement for Digital Color Meter in Mac OS X Lion

In previous versions of Mac OS X, I would use Digital Color Meter to hover over parts of my screen to get the HEX color code from certain images. In Mac OS X Lion, however, Digital Color Meter no longer provides hex color values by default. While it's possible to get Digital Color Meter to display HEX values, it is quite a clunky process of diving into the View menu every time the app is opened. Also, the values it displays now are only the two digit codes:

Digital Color Meter

I just grabbed Pick, and it does the job nicely ... And for free!

Pick is invoked either through the Menu bar or the ⇧⌘L keyboard shortcut. It turns your cursor into a large magnifying-glass-type device that it calls the Loupe. This displays a small area of your screen at the 1 pixel level. The HEX value for each pixel you hover over is displayed within the Loupe.
You can left click to copy the HEX value (in the format you choose in the program's Preferences) to your clipboard. You can also right click to choose a different format to copy your color code in:



It looks like Pick is no more. I've been using Sip instead. You can read about that here.


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