03 Nov 2012

Little-Corner is now a Heroku-ready Rails app

Little-Corner is an open source project of mine that you can use to easily make yourself a website. It automaticlaly pulls your entire web presence into one place, like About.me or Flavors.me. Currently it supports connecting to Delicious, Foursquare, GitHub, Google Analytics, Gravatar, Instagram, Last.FM, Soundcloud, Twitter, and your blog (via RSS).

I've updated Little-Corner to use Ruby on Rails. It used to be written in PHP and used CodeIgniter, which I previously wrote about. The move to Ruby on Rails will make it easier for me to maintain, and easier for you to get it online.

It also now uses Zurb's Foundation as its design framework. By using Foundation, your website is automatically a responsive site that looks great on computers, tablets, and phones. I've slightly modified it to use a single large image as the site's background, and to add transparency to panels. The transparency allows your background image to be seen through the content being displayed, and maintains the comfortable black-text-on-white-background view.

Getting the app online is easy, too, because it's easily deployable to Heroku. You could also modify it to deploy to your own server (like I do, to run it on my Linode instance).


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