08 Oct 2012

Launch Soon is a Heroku-ready viral Coming Soon page

Launch Soon is a project of mine that allows you to quickly and easily set up a Coming Soon page. It collects email addresses in a Mailchimp list, and provides users with a custom link that they can share with others. When someone signs up from a custom link, the referral is tallied in the Mailchimp list. This gives the site owners the ability to see who is referring the most traffic, and contact them separately through Mailchimp Segments.

I originally created the open source LaunchRock clone in PHP, and wrote about it here. I decided to rewrite the site to use Ruby on Rails so that I could make it even easier for people to get running. This can now easily be run for free on Heroku, hooks directly into Mailchimp, and doesn't use a database at all.

I decided to use Mailchimp as the only data store so that all the data needed to contact interested users is in one place. This makes the Mailchimp list much more powerful, and removes the need for an admin interface to Launch Soon. With all of this in place, your Coming Soon page is completely disposable - as it should be.

You can see an example of it running at http://launch-soon-example.herokuapp.com.

The actual project and the instructions for getting it running is up on GitHub here. Contributions are welcome, so feel free to submit pull requests! Talk to me on Twitter or contact me through my site if you have any questions.


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